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About us


In 2019, Victoria Durán and Shabnam Peida founded IMMI Design with a vision and strong passion to challenge the interior architecture norm in daily life. IMMI Design is a Stockholm-based interior architecture studio offering tailor-made services in residential, commercial, retail and communication projects. The studio philosophy focuses on storytelling and to continuously develop a narrative to help guide clients through the design process. Rooted in function and aesthetic, IMMI Design transforms spaces into recognizable and memorable experiences that becomes unique environments.

Victoria Durán Vian

+46 (0) 702 710 711

Victoria is an interior architect from Spain who graduated in 2015 from University Camilo José Cela in Madrid. Her professional career is mostly developed in Sweden were she has formed a good understanding for Scandinavian design. She is also influenced by the Mediterranean style which she inherits from her native country. Victoria believes that by understanding the relationship between different materials, playing with various color palettes and focusing on small details gives the perfect combination to create a successful project.

Shabnam Peida

+46 (0) 729 455 561

Shabnam Peida is an interior architect who received her Bachelor Degree in Los Angeles, USA. In the last four years she has improved her experiences in design of retail and restaurant environments. Although, Shabnam was raised in Sweden, she has formed an eclectic design style based on her cultural background and traveling experiences. Shabnam loves creating new concepts and developing spaces that explore the impact of material and lighting in a fun, beautiful and functional way.