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Residential project

Villa Frisk is a new built summer house located in Ängelholm, Skåne. The house combines modernity, scandinavian simplicity and natural elements which signify the south of Sweden.


The intent was to select all the interior materials and colors, designing the bathrooms, draw custom made elements for certain areas such as the entrance, stairs, chimney, and select the furniture and accessories. An important factor for the design process was to balance modern timeless character with vibrant accent colors.


The interior expresses a light and warm environment which is inspired by the big windows facing the sea that also adapts to the character of the surrounding architecture.  When deciding materials and colors the main focus was to bring the beautiful landscape inside.  Having wood as the main material combined with calm and neutral colors creates a harmonious space.


Since the client wanted an exclusive experience in the entrance, it became a decorative focal point. With custom made wood paneling and a big mirror the space became visually more open and welcoming.


The stair, which is also part of the entrance, speaks the same language as the wood paneling since both are playing with vertical elements. The wooden steps and the white vertical metal bars create a delicate stair that transforms the exterior light into patterns.


The bathrooms are designed with exclusive and high-end materials to emphasis the luxury feeling which is highlighted by the big seamless tiles.