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Feminine forms, natural materials and contrasting colors define Salong NOi, located in Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden. The idea was to create a welcoming and contemporary space that reflects the personality and the career path of the owner.


Our client started her journey thirty years ago and has worked in many different salons. Two decades later she became an entrepreneur with many years of experience in the industry. Today she is the owner of two salons and has multiple employees and a big clientele. The word NOi means “We” and expresses that her solo journey has ended and the beginning of a community has started.


This project involved a total transformation that includes both redistribution of the general floor plan and a necessary program including the creation of four workstations, two shampooing areas, a pantry, and a waiting area. The strategy was to remove the partitions and define the spaces through the use of color, separating the space into 2 areas: the workstation area and the area of ​​the remaining functions. The main green color softens the interior and gives a welcoming feeling, while the warm brick color energizes and inspires the clients. In addition, the vertical wood panel creates a repetitive rhythm that balances nicely with the soft green color and the arched mirrors.


IMMI also helped with the graphic identity which reflects back to the arched forms, soft color palette, and simplicity of the space.