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Residential project    115m²

The Reina Cristina resident is a full renovated apartment located in the heart of Madrid.

This first family home needed to be child-friendly but also a place to read, relax and enjoy. They wanted a design mostly inspired from Scandinavia with a kiss from the vibrant city.


We helped the client to choose the core materials for the whole space. Neutral palette for the walls and ceilings kept the background easy going so the furniture could bring the color that the space needs in a soft and harmonious way.


The client requested a more specific design for the master bedroom and the two bathrooms. In addition, custom designed pieces were made for specific areas such as: bookshelve, tv-stand, minibar and glass partition. The design is clean and simple and made of light walnut wood which adds a warmth touch to the space.


By removing walls from the original structure and adding the new glass partition allows the space between living room and kitchen to become visually unified, at the same time separating the spaces during specific activities.


The resulting interior aesthetic showcases an scandinavian simplicity that perfectly complements the family’s warmth atmosphere, and echoes the refined, yet relaxed vibe of the home’s location in pulserad Madrid.