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Office project
327 m²

The concept design derives from the idea of taking Northzone back to its Scandinavian roots by using elements, colors and materials that represent the simplicity and authenticity of Scandinavia. Inspired by those roots the office becomes a welcoming and confident surrounding in a multi-use space.


As the office is divided into two floors, the blue stair in the middle is a bold element that represents the community and optimism of Northzone. It also merges the open space of the lower floor with the offices on the upper floor.


For the lobby area relaxing and fresh colors are combined while the workspace in the back follows a calm and emotive feeling. The custom-made bookshelf unites those features and at the same time shows the company’s portfolio and their brand.


Along with playful colors and neon lights the dining area forms a vibrant gathering space. Next to it the meeting rooms portray the Scandinavian forest and northern lights which are being represented with an extraordinary light installation and exciting wallpaper.


The purpose of the boardroom design was to empower those that inhabit the space and create a sense of femininity and equality in the investment industry. The paint on the walls in a soft pink color and a contrasting warm palette form that atmosphere.


The materials in this project are chosen with thought on a humble work environment and its innovative workers. Plain fabrics in balanced colors are combined with fun details in carpets, wallpapers and lighting to illustrate Northzones brand identity and the spirit of the company.