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Office design

The design intent was to create a modern office for Northmill Bank in Stockholm that represents the new era of banking. The interior is modified to the company’s agile working methods. The design captures function, flexibility and togetherness in a warm and playful way. The main goal of the new office was to become employees-centric in a motivating and energetic way, so that employees can feel creative and innovative every day when they come to work.


The design is both creative and timeless. We gave a playful touch to the Scandinavian style by playing with colors and making references to ethnic styles. The colors are also derived from Northmill’s identity brand.


One important aspect was to design spaces that felt more like “home”. Therefore, we put a lot of focus on greenery, curtains, and small details such as artwork, personal pictures from conference trips, and a memory wall where employees can take pictures and create instant memories.


The furniture that we selected are based on function, comfort and quality. We also try to make responsible choices regarding the products we use, therefore most of our brands come from Scandinavia and gather all the sustainability requirements.


Reusing materials and furniture is something that we strongly believe in. One challenge that occurred in this project was how to solve the areas that needed a temporary solution before they became a workstation. The idea of reusing furniture from Northmill’s old office allowed us to eliminate temporary empty spaces and save money by not buying “fast furniture” that would not be used after a few months.