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Oficce project

Nextorys multifunctional office represents the new way of working. The design supports movement and builds a flexible working atmosphere. It gives the daily work life a colorful and vibrant character which helps the employees to be more creative and innovative. The project embodies a youthful atmosphere while offering places to socialize, be productive and develop ideas.


The open work area is divided in several parts with selective furniture to form welcoming and connecting hubs with the opportunity to recharge. Custom made seating stairs symbolize community and link the open gathering spaces. In addition, different types of plants around the office establish a refreshing atmosphere.


To celebrate the culture of books, the meeting rooms are inspired by book categories.

Each room was tailored with the help of bold details. This allows the employees to embrace imagination to improve creativity which leads to great innovation.


For the materialization of these spaces, Nextorys identity colors were translated into fabrics, colors and forms. To develop energetic areas their colors were combined with contrasting nuances for a playful environment. As their identity is important to the company, using their colors was a key aspect to the concept design.