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Clinic design

Soft, calm and welcoming are the words that describe Carlos Duran dermatology clinic, based in the popular city of Santander, in the north of Spain. The concept was inspired by the human skin, sun and water. The sun as a direct factor for skin problems and the water, as an element that connects the dermatology clinic to the sea and the port city of Santander.


Our client, a young entrepreneur and dermatology doctor, wanted to transform his old residence into his dream workplace. The goal was to create a space where visitors feel comfortable and embraced by the welcoming interior that reflects the  clinic´s brand and the doctor´s personality. 


This project involved a total transformation that include both a redistribution of the general floor plan, as well as selecting very thoughtful interior details that represents the marine atmosphere which the city breaths. In addition, beside helping with the interior, we also helped with the graphic identity which reflects back to the Scandinavian interior, the client’s personality and his trustworthy professional reputation to his patients. 


The result is the totality of very well though details: a scandinavian interior with touches of the marine athmosphere that the city breathes.